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Quality of life

To enhance its employee’s abilities and welfare LM Group develops projects to help them have a better quality of life:

Culture project *: Theater, music and dancing class has as its goals improve the relationships among people and build up values such as confidence and expression self-expression. By the end of the year it is shown a theater spectacle in theaters of Salvador, where LM Group headquarters are placed.

*This Project got ABRH Prêmio Ser Humano Luiz Tarquinio prize in 2013. It is a prize given by Brazilian Association of Human Resources.

Running club: Outdoors activities guided by professionals every week in different places such as beaches, parks and squares for the employees to have a healthful life.

Walking of LM Group: Every December, in Salvador, walking from Barra Light House to Bomfim’s church. This event mixes music and exercises. They walk 12Km long having fun and exercising as a way to be thankful for the year they had.

Cineclube Bravo! Its goal is promoting human development through Brazilian audiovisual productions. Meetings occurs every week in 3 different places to discuss about things happening in business worldwide: The first is in LM Group headquarter in Salvador. The second and third in AuraBrasil headquarter.

Every discussion is based upon the movies watched.

Massage sessions: Free the employees from stress of day-by-day working.

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